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Towns don't get much smaller than Oneida, Ky, or as locals prefer to call it, "Oneedy." But, combined with nearby small town shopping and attractions, everything you need is a short drive away. Discover all there is to see and do in and around Oneida, Kentucky... more
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The Stuff Legends are Made of...

Oneida, Ky is famous for its fascinating, wild history of Appalachian clan feuds...including the Baker-Howard feud, the largest and longest of all feuds...and the rich history of the founding of Oneida Baptist Institute to stop the feuding through education...more
Wild Wonders...
Oneida, Ky and Daniel Boone National Forest are a natural haven to many species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and other wildlife including bears, deer, bobcats, elk, fox and more... more
Discover Kentucky's Elk Country...
Oneida Kentucky
Wonderfully Wild, Breathtakingly Beautiful
Discover Appalachia off the beaten trail in wonderfully wild, breathtakingly beautiful Oneida, Ky in Clay County. Located along the Cumberland Plateau in the Appalachian foothills of eastern Kentucky, Oneida is nestled in the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Elk Country Corridor featuring sloping hills, ridge top flats, narrow valleys, hardwood forests and bottom wildlands. The steep hills have served to insulate and isolate, creating a special landscape of majestic forests, scenic waterways, rugged canyons, towering sandstone cliffs and breathtaking mountain vistas. Goose Creek and the Red Bird River confluence in the tiny town of Oneida, Ky to form the South Fork of the Kentucky River.
Winding mountain roads feature family farms, roadside stands, small country stores, hilltop cemeteries, historic weathered barns and swinging bridges. Oneida, Ky is a natural, backcountry paradise for those who want to experience the peace and adventures of raw, untamed nature. You won't find chain stores, shopping malls and fast food restaurants here (though they're a short drive away when you need them.)
Instead, natural wonders and fascinating, warm, friendly people await you in wonderfully wild, breathtakingly beautiful Oneida, Ky. Changing seasons offer an ever evolving vista of unsurpassed natural beauty. Mild winters, a very low cost of living and unspoiled nature makes Oneida, Ky a perfect location for a home, vacation property or retirement property.
Appalachia is rich with history, cultural expressions and distinct characteristics such as dialect, music and food. Experience the real Appalachia...a place of beauty, art, music, nature, unique traditions and friendly, interesting people.... more
Barns & Bridges of Oneida, Ky
Proud guardian of the countryside, the barn stands solemnly as a lasting reminder of America's rural heritage. But the barn has begun to disappear from the American landscape. Obsolete for modern farming needs and too expensive to maintain as family heirlooms, old barns appear destined to be preserved only in photographs and memories.....more
Come Home to Kentucky’s Elk Country
In addition to being nestled within the Daniel Boone National Forest, Oneida, Ky is doubly blessed by being within the beautiful backcountry of Kentucky's Elk Country Corridor. The Elk Country Corridor, located in southeastern Kentucky’s Cumberland Plateau, consists of the counties of Clay, Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, Letcher and Perry......more
American Indians of Oneida, Ky
Contrary to popular myths, American Indians have lived in Kentucky since time immemorial.  When Kentucky was declared the fifteenth state on June 1, 1792, more than twenty tribes, including the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Chippewa, Delaware, Eel River, Haudenosaunee, Kaskaskia, Kickapoo, Miami, Ottawa, Piankeshaw, Potawatomi, Shawnee, Wea, and Wyandot, held legal claims to the land.......more
Are You Wild & Beautiful?
Show your pride of Oneida, Kentucky with Wonderfully Wild, Breathtakingly Beautiful T-shirts and sweatshirts. Clothing is priced at cost. Purchase online for yourself or send as gifts.......more
Government Contact Info
Oneida, Kentucky and Clay County government, education, tourism and hospital contact information.......more
Monkey Hollow Appalachian Wildlife Sanctuary Vacation Cabins
Monkey Hollow Wildlife Sanctuary Cabins
The World Animal Foundation's Monkey Hollow Wildlife Sanctuary offers a unique vacation opportunity for nature, wildlife and companion animal lovers. Experience Wonderfully Wild, Breathtakingly Beautiful Oneida, Kentucky while helping animals and the environment........more


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